"Walt, In what industries do you see your stuff work best?"

When people ask me this question, I pause and pretend to think deeply. Then I answer with a big smile, "Those that have people."

Note: I was much younger when this video was made.

I work with all types and sizes of organizations.  A bunch of non-profits, firms, manufacturers, service providers. If the organization has people, EOS® works. After selling my companies in 2006 and then coaching for two years, I was trained by Gino Wickman (EOS® Creator, Author of “Traction and Get a Grip”) and Don Tinney (EOS® Worldwide Co-Founder, Gino’s Integrator and Partner) in May of 2008 as an EOS® licensee. Since then I have been focused on EOS® Implementation and have had the honor of graduating more than 155 companies from the program.

  • This is my calling.
  • I am not practicing on you or making it up as I go along.
  • Daily, I strive to be the best I can be, to be a world-class Implementer for you.

Two thirds of my experience is with 10 to 250 person companies, however, unlike other EOS® Implementers, a third of my EOS® experience has been with companies in the 500 to 2,500 employee range.  I currently have 8 active clients in my program who are grossing over $150 Million per year, one is just over $3 Billion. Frankly, from this experience I see that there is no difference in the implementation of EOS® big or small. The things you do to make a small company strong and healthy are the same things you need to do to make a huge company strong and healthy.

  • To date, I have had the honor of graduating around 150 companies from the program.
  • I currently have 24 active clients on their way to mastery and graduation.
  • On average, I have the honor of spending a minimum of 130 full-day sessions a year with teams who are mastering and implementing EOS®.

Graduation feels a lot like the scenes from Kung Fu where Grasshopper snatches the beans from the master’s hand and then lifts the scalding pot… you just get it and no longer need Uncle Walt

I believe my clients deserve a robust ROI from their EOS investment. An ROI that comes from great culture, engaged employees, robust cash flow and dependable predictable profit.  We link our ROI expectations to the statistics from Gallup.  Gallup points out that companies who enjoy top quartile engagement and culture enjoy 21% more profit, 20% fast growth, 10% better customer loyalty, 56% fewer safety incidents.  These are they baselines we are pushing for in my EOS Implementations.

I have gone from 17 stores to 46. I have gone from chaos to order. I feel I could own another 200 with traction by my side.



My why is Freedom for my clients.

I believe in Freedom.  The kind of freedom that comes when leadership teams have the guts to build a healthy organization that is highly effective.  When they become healthy and effective, they create freedom not only for themselves, but for their team-mates, employees, customers, vendors and the world at large. This is what I believe and why I do what I do with my life and the finite number of days we have on this earth.

On a more practical basis it is specifically the kind of freedom that comes when you enjoy engaged leaders, happy employees, robust cash flow and dependable predictable profit.

I do this by helping my clients focus on doing the simple things savagely well. Since 2008, I have focused on being a world-class Implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and a world-class Facilitator of positive, productive human group / team / tribe dynamics.   I focus on helping you build profitable championship teams that are healthy and smart.

Pay Walt the money, then follow the plan. Thank me later.

You will. Trust me.




I help you realize your dream organization.

As entrepreneurs and leaders, none of us imagined and dreamed about building an organization where we surrounded ourselves with a bunch of jerks and donkey rear ends.  We did not dream of the people issues, dysfunction or the hard stuff.  No, we imagined a different type of organization, one where people brought their brains to work, were happy to work together, really wanted to be there, where there was no confusion, no politics, where people were engaged.  One that is healthy and effective.

Then what happened?  We got busy with work, busy growing the company, and slowly, silently, the nightmare creeps in like a low fog around our feet and becomes an unintended part of our imagined organization.  Cleaning this up is hard work.

Over 18-24 months I help you blow the fog away and get permanently on the track to realize your dreamed of organization.  We only have a finite number of days on this earth, why waste them with terrorists in your organization?

The ultimate manifestation is More Time, More Money and Less Stress for my clients.

My client agreement:

Our agreement is your graduation. Graduation is when you enjoy mastery of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and are on the sustainable path to dependable profit, robust cash flow and solid engagement from your employees and leaders.  Your leaders and company normally get to this point in 24 months and then graduate, becoming awesome happy referral sources.  I want you to graduate, to move on, to develop yourselves beyond Walt.  This is our agreement.  If you want to stay on longer and just have “Uncle Walt” in the room with your team, that is fine, but, it is not my goal for you.

More Money

My average client enjoys increases in EBITDA and cash flow year over year in the 20% range. Of course this can vary based on the type of business you are in, but, more EBITDA and better cash flow are expected.
I don’t know where you are, who you are or where you have been so let me explain it this way. Traction plus Walt is the single best business decisions I have ever made.



You and your team master EOS®!

Mastery means you and your team learn EOS® so well that you can naturally teach, mentor and coach others in your organization to become EOS® Masters.   As an Implementer, my goal is to work myself out of a job.  You graduate from your EOS® journey with Walt. I do not become a crutch or a permanent installation in your organization. I am one of the EOS® old-timers with over 180 EOS® Graduations plus another 24 teams in the middle of the mastery process. Tons of fun.

EOS® is the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

Simplification and Agreement.  The beauty of EOS® is in how simple it is and how it drives organizational agreement.  The simple structure EOS® helps you install shines light into corners and forces agreement where ambiguity currently exists.  In this world of ever increasing complexity, EOS® lets you simplify and find agreement very quickly.  Less is more.


  • EOS® has been in its current form since 2003.
  • The book Traction was first published in 2007
  • The follow-up book Get A Grip was published in 2010.
  • EOS® continues to be honed, polished and sharpened with teams every day.
  • EOS® takes everything that works, all the timeless tools and sorts them, simplifies them and packages them into a real world system that everyone  in your organization can understand, driving results year after year.

There is no theory here. Just a timeless set of tools that work.


No faddish buzz words


No flavor of the month


No magic pills


No silver bullets