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The Patient Organization by Walt Brown



The reason implementations of Organizational Operating Systems (EOS is an OOS) fail out right, or, fail to produce the ROI you hoped for is simple. Your people are seeing the OOS as something you are dong To them v. For them. When you can flip this script, answer their question “What’s in it for me?”, then you will get the buy-in and ROI you are looking for.

The way you flip the script is to measure and communicate.  The Patient Organization describes why and how you do this using 7 Questions.   

Example: Why does the EOS work we do with our clients drive a significant ROI? Two reasons, 1. we measure, and 2. we communicate. We measure EOS’s effectiveness to upgrade your culture, engagement, accountability and retention using the 7 Questions of Culture and Engagement Survey as the base line and foundation of our Why, and, we use the 7 Questions as 7 Promises to communicate clearly: to describe to our folks Why we are doing EOS.

Once our people see that we are doing EOS For them v. To them we get buy-in and are able to create one singular organization with a great culture, high engagement, accountability and retention.

Note: We execute very pure and direct EOS Implementations – We do not add any new tools, or change the EOS Implementation method, we only add a way to measure and communicate via the 7 Question Engagement and Culture Survey.

As part of the Seven Questions Seven Promises team I focus on delivering very pure* EOS installations.  I facilitate the EOS tools and days as Gino taught me. My clients graduate! Graduation means they have mastered the EOS material, and mastery means they can teach it and use it as if they created it themselves.

(* “pure” is a term of art in the EOS community, it is referring to sticking to the script, teaching the tools in the EOS way.)

I am often criticized by my peers because I don’t milk my client engagements for longer periods. I ask: “Why should I!?” If I focus on teaching the material purely and teach the “why” beneath the material, and, don’t become a crutch, then my clients will master the material faster, gain confidence and they will graduate as masters!


The “Why” beneath the EOS material is captured in my book The Patient Organization, it holds the 7 keys to unlocking the power inside your Organizational Operating System (OOS). Weather it is Rockefeller HabitsScaling UpHolocracyThe Advantage4DXTractionEOS®, or a self-developed system. It will answer why does EOS work? Why does Traction work? Why does Scaling Up work? and how does EOS work? how does Traction work, and how does Scaling Up work etc. etc.?

The Patient Organization and the 7 Questions will make your system come alive for your employees.

I believe my clients deserve a robust ROI from their EOS investment. An ROI that comes from a great culture, engaged employees, robust cash flow and dependable predictable profit.  We link our ROI expectations to the statistics from Gallup.  Gallup points out that companies who enjoy top quartile engagement and culture enjoy 21% more profit, 20% fast growth, 10% better customer loyalty, 56% fewer safety incidents.  These are they baselines we are pushing for in my EOS Implementations.

I believe in FREEDOM for my clients

The kind of freedom that comes when you enjoy engaged leaders, happy employees, robust cash flow and dependable predictable profit.

Your company will not be a practice run.

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Having Walt in the room helps on two fronts, first, we have implemented EOS purely and, he is masterful at helping us use the tools to not only solve the firm’s issues but our Partner issues too. Charles


It is a precise yin and yang balance that Walt helps us with, worth every penny. Mike I


It is amazing how Walt, via EOS, can help us get the hard stuff out on the table and worked through with decisions… he is gifted. Maria K


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